Saturday, July 14, 2007

This post is a journey all its own

Oh, blog, what can I tell you?

My recent dreams have been upsetting and weird, but I think that's my brain's way to get me to embrace waking up. Every time I have a bad dream, I wake up grateful that the dream is over and that some more time has been eliminated before my travels.

I'm anxious about travelling, and having even a few minutes of mental down-time gives that anxiety room to grow ... or time to grow, I guess. Or both, really. Who knows how the mind works?

I love travelling and I want to get started already! I'll feel better once I'm on the train tomorrow and once I'm on the plane a week from tomorrow. But until I'm on that train and that plane, the uncertainty is killing me. It's like writing an exam: at a certain point you're ready to write it, but if that point is twelve hours before the exam starts ... gah, now I'm replacing anxiety with tedious writing. And that's a terrible analogy, because writing an exam was (often, for me) the last attempt to avoid failing a class, whereas my travels will take me to the Greatest City in the World and then to the Finest Woman of her Generation. Taken from that perspective, and not from the "airport security hates me, and let's not get started on Customs and Immigration" perspective, my state is quickly going from anxious to excited (with a brief layover in tedious writing, as mentioned earlier).

Am I the only one who sat through the end credits for The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, who saw that "The real Steve Zissou is a prominent attorney in New York City specializing in complex federal litigation"? It's ok if I am the only one. When I've enjoyed a movie, I like to sit through the end credits. Lately, I've found myself sitting through the end credits of movies I didn't particularly enjoy because more movies have adopted the tiresome habit of tacking a last scene onto the very very end of the picture at the close of the credits. It's like when bands include a secret hiddem bonus track at the end of their cd's, except you have to wait through 8 minutes of silence to get to it. Bastards! I wish there existed a website devoted to that annoying practice (the movie version, anyway), because Hostel 2 was lame enough already without me waiting for the lame-o secret scene I expected that never arrived. Maybe there already exists such a website, but what search terms would I use to find it?


(If anyone can find such a website, let me know, because otherwise I will totally make one. I'm thinking either ihatethatcrapattheendof or

But back to Steve Zissou. As terrible a newspaper as the New York Post is, it does occasionally prove an enlightening read. For example, there was a recent story about two men who were convicted of taking out life insurance policies on homeless men while making themselves the beneficiaries, and then (surprise!) killing said homeless men and collecting the dough. The enlightening part of this story -- other than the obvious "Haven't these guys ever seen Law & Order? That plan would never work!" -- comes from a quote from Steve Zissou, the lawyer for one of the defendants. The quote is not as important as learning that the "complex federal litigation" of "prominent attorney" Steve Zissou involves defending an insurance scammer-cum-murderer. Personally, I think he's got the Crazy Eye.

Here's a link to that story, but I forewarn you that the NY Post website is to websites as the NY Post newspaper is to newspapers.

Now that was a good analogy.


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Bon voyage, mon cousin!

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